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I'm happy you chose to read this book, invest some time, and pay attention to your own self-care. We also have a look at what God say about self care.
I lost 30 kilograms on Koebaai Vetnoi, and self-care had a significant role in both my success and weight loss. I was thrilled when some of my clients asked me to assist them on their self-care journey. You can step back from your busy life and find some time for yourself with the help of this book. It will demonstrate to you just how significant and deserving of care we are. The Self-Care Workbook will help you pinpoint exactly what you require to unwind and find serenity in your busy daily life by offering encouraging and helpful recommendations.

The workbook is designed to inspire you and give you new ideas and choices. I want it to be your go-to guide for seeing all the possibilities and opportunities in your life. I suggest you choose a few of the tips from the workbook at first to help you get started. Dip in and out of the book as you progress with your self-care program, and when you find something that works for you, you can incorporate it into your daily routine.




  • What is Self-Care?
  • Biblical Self-Care

  • The Benefits of Self-Care
  • Tips for Self-Care
  • How To Say No
  • How to Make Time for Self-Care
  • My Vision Worksheets
  • My Vision Board
  • My Core Values
  • Three Month Vision
  • The Ideal Me
  • Urge Surfing
  • The Emotions Wheel
  • The Self-Care Wheel
  • 60 Ideas for Self-Care
  • The Pomodoro Technique
  • The Window of Tolerance
  • Grounding Technique
  • Calming Techniques
  • Venn Diagram of Purpose
  • A to Z of Coping Skills
  • Self Care Tracker
  • Habit Tracker
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Progress Tracker
  • Goal Tracker
  • Problem solving
  • Dreams and goals
  • Achieving Success
  • Goal Setting
  • Overcome negative thinking
  • Managing Emotions
  • Self-Compassion
  • Thought Record
  • Likes and Dislikes
  • Coping With Anxiety
  • Self-Care Assessment
  • My Self-Care Routine
  • Keep a Gratitude Journal

Selfcare Course

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R100,00Sale Price
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